Introducing the New Housden Group Brand and Website

We are very pleased to officially announce the launch of a new Housden Group brand and website.

Housden Group works with healthcare providers to build successful businesses that are fit for the future and, although our old brand style had served us well for over a decade, we felt that it was time for our brand to more accurately reflect our modern approach to business and articulate our developing story in a more succinct and compelling way.

Our new logo uses a fresh, contemporary gradient and reinforces our healthcare experience by subtly integrating the ‘+’ icon. The icon is a simple and identifiable symbol which resonates with both the medical industry and Housden Groups ability to add value and revenue to its customers. By using ‘Consult, Innovate and Support’ as a tagline, we can clearly and immediately summarise our business approach.

We could wax lyrical about the brands visual appearance all day, but our brand isn’t just about what colours and fonts we use, and we spent time considering our primary audiences and their common need for information. From this we developed a set of key messages which clearly articulated our core offering and value proposition. These messages then formed the basis of our new website.

We hope the new website provides an improved user experience and better reflects our services. A key element of the website is the ‘PPU News’ section: We are somewhat of an authority on PPUs and will be regularly sharing information on what’s happening in the sector, so we would encourage those who are interested to check-in regularly and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please contact us.